Features & Benefits

CertoConnect reveals more possibilities for fast and easy online alternative payments processing.
Discover your benefits now:

  • All payment systems are verified to meet high industry standards

    While choosing payment systems for CertoConnect, we’re guided by the following criteria:

    • Timely feedback to support requests
    • Advanced anti-fraud tools to ensure the highest security
    • Expert advice and assistance
    • High level of credibility
    • Reputable brand
    • Large customer audience
    • Low service rates

    We carefully select new payment systems keeping in mind our customers’ requirements. Only when the system passes our quality and standards compatibility check, we accept it as a part of CertoConnect package

  • Professional account management

    • As soon as you register with CertoConnect, you are assigned a personal Account Manager who will guide you through all the stages of account registration process with chosen alternative payments
    • We assist you to consolidate several application processes with different payment systems
    • We help you submit necessary documents to ensure their compliance with the requirements and regulations of your chosen payment systems
    • We keep monitoring the application process after your documents submission and make sure that it is carried out in timely manner
  • One-time integration only

    • Register with CertoConnect and gain instant access to all integrated alternative payment systems. All you need to do is just to obtain and activate your accounts with chosen payment systems, either on your own or with the help of our highly professional Account Managers
    • You don’t need to adjust or change your integration when we add new payment systems
    • Our Technical Support Team is always ready to assist you at every integration stage
  • All payment systems on a single checkout page

    • There is no need to create a separate payment page for each system. We have already developed secure checkout for you and for your customers’ convenience. This payment page will feature all the payment systems you are registered with
    • Your customers will be able to view all available payment methods and choose their preferred one just by clicking a pay button on your checkout page
    • Add new alternative payment methods and consolidate them via CertoConnect to be shown on a single checkout page
  • Assess your sales statistics instantly with real-time reporting

    • Determine your customers’ most popular payment brands and track your sales dynamics in a real-rime mode
    • Based on real-time reports, you can build up your business development strategy, negotiate lower rates with your payment systems and improve your cash flow management
  • Easy customization of your payment page

    • Bring your payment page in line with your corporate style: adjust its layout and design to your branding guidelines. Customize your payment page using your own CSS code and your company logo
    • Our solution offers perfect iFrame integration that let your customers pay online in a user-friendly environment

If you have any suggestions on how CertoConnect can be improved, please send your feedback to marketing@certoconnect.com with the subject “Features for CC”

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